A unifying symbol for all humanity...

Text Box: Glass One God 16”

Elegant Glass Blown ONE GOD SYMBOL

Engraved Covenant with a touch of real GOLD

Spiritual and highly symbolic meaning

Product Summary

Donations $1,000*

We got together with a company that has the top glassblowing artisans in the world to elaborate this one of a kind piece.  Since it is hand crafted, there is no other piece made exactly as yours. 


The glass blown symbol sits on a glass base that has the covenant engraved with a touch of real gold.  This in turn is placed over a mirror that gives it a super classy style.  Finishing the base is a real wood base for the elegant touch. 


Visitors will be amazed with your new piece of art and will inquire and make topic of how we all can contribute to bringing humanity closer together.


With your $1,000.00 donation, you can get this shirt delivered to you anywhere in the lower 48 states and help send a very important message to the masses.

Hand crafter glass One God

*All monies collected are used to promulgate the One God Symbol

 and pay for the thank you products sent to you.