A unifying symbol for all humanity...

A Food Fight the World Cannot Afford to Lose!

world we live in. Jesus Christ became visibly angry only once in his life

and it was when he entered the Jewish temple discovering that an unjust monetary tax was placed on animals being readied for religious sacrifice. Jesus Christ knew then that unjust religious taxes were wrong as they are today. Jews and Muslims consider Jesus Christ as a prophet, Christians know him as the son of God. It is our hope that all religions and people of the World regard what Jesus Christ did in the Jewish Temple as an omnipotent spiritual sign that all mankind must never ask for anything unjust. We as Christians believe that Jesus Christ himself only showed his anger once on this planet to emphasize that man should love his neighbor and treat his neighbor like he would justly be treated. Christians believe this to be one of Jesus Christ’s, the son of God, greatest teachings: “ thy neighbor as thyself...”(Leviticus 19:18).

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