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A Food Fight the World Cannot Afford to Lose!

What we know and Believe to be true…

We have the highest regard, respect and love for all religions and people that believe in one God.

Jews and Muslims believe that milk and meats should not be mixed in any way during food processing and consumption. A designated religious person inspects food manufacturing plants on a continuously scheduled basis to make sure that no meat or dairy and certain other meats do not come into contact with each other during food preparation. We know that it is impossible to achieve this in a pure sense since a human being must be physically present in the processing room. People bring in minute particles shed from their own bodies and from their clothing causing the mixing of milk and flesh. We believe it is only possible to achieve all religious practices in “the spirit” and not the flesh.

The monetary tax and privy information required by Jewish and Muslim symbols have created an atmosphere of mistrust for centuries and it is this practice that has caused both, the Jews and Muslim, much difficulty in the