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A unifying symbol for all humanity...

Corporate Membership

Corporations are welcome to be part of our organization.† We have developed a program for those corporations that would like to use the symbol as an identifier of their support to what we believe in.†


In some ways, it is like other well known organizationsí symbol that are currently being used in the market, but without the required costs and strict regulations.† We look for companies that are in business to offer products or services to the consumers in an honest fashion.† If your company ensures to follow GOOD BUSINESS PRACTICES, then the use of our symbol is for you.† We do not require any membership fees for your organization to use our symbol.† The membership is absolutely free.† We do not require for an associate of our society to be actively involved in your process either.† Honest companies and managing teams adhere to common principles.† You can add the ONE GOD SYMBOL to your productís label so that consumers identify you as being supportive of what they, you and us believe in.†


Masses around the world will get to know the ONE GOD SYMBOL, what it stands for and will make it the symbol for unity.† We seek unity for humanity and if you would like your corporation and/or products to be a stepping stone in this process, we encourage you to support it by becoming a member corporation.


As previously mentioned, we acknowledge that following a specific belief should not cost anyone anything.† Your company will acknowledge a simple agreement that leads you to following Good Business Practices.


Once you become a member corporation, we will send you an acknowledgement certificate and will add your companyís web-site to our list of supporting corporations.


If you are ready to be part of the One God Symbol, click here.