A unifying symbol for all humanity...

A Food Fight the World Cannot Afford to Lose!

Jews and Muslims require their people to eat foods certified with religious symbols.  Kosher Pareve symbols for the Jews (O/U, O/K, Star-K and Kof-K, etc.) and Halal symbols (Halal) for the Muslims.  Trillions of dollars around the world are affected annually by these symbols.  Tremendous economic power is created by these symbols that must be paid for on a continuing basis significantly increasing food costs worldwide.  These religious symbols and all that they represent and create separate people and this segregation has led the world to the brink of mass destruction many times.  It is avarice, greed and power, at times, not religion that drive these symbols.

A new symbol has been developed for all religions that believe in God.  The symbol is the “One God Symbol” for all religions and their faithful followers.  The symbol costs nothing and is intended to unite everyone that believes in a GOD by following all religious practices under 1 GOD symbolization.  Peace will come to all under this symbol.  Christians, Jews, Muslims and all others believing in a God will unite and live as one in PEACE.  We must unite now and let there be peace to all in the name of one GOD.

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