A unifying symbol for all humanity...


It is through your donations that we are able to keep this web-site up and running. The funds collected via your donations will used to pay for the item/s that you will be getting in return for your donation, continue to sponsor payment for this web-site and strengthen our ability to spread the word or the ONE GOD SYMBOL around the world.


We have a public relations campaign planned to promulgate our mission of achieving human unity, but funds right now are limiting our abilities. Rest assure that non of the money collected will go to pay for high salaries as our organization is currently supported by volunteers that are putting their knowledge in action to get us started and achieve our goal of unification.


As a thank you for your donation, we will send you a gift of love.


Any donations in excess of $30 will get either a shirt or a cap






Any donations in excess of $100 will get two of the above or a painting








Any donation in excess of $1,000 will get a 16 Blown Glass One God Symbol Art