A unifying symbol for all humanity...


The links in this page will allow you to see different organizations or companies that either support our group or seek a goal similar to ours, which is unifying humanity.  We know that if we all get together as one with the purpose of one common goal, we all have better chances of being success in accomplishing the set goal. 

We cannot be everywhere and talk to everyone. We are confident that with your support we will be able to bring the message to masses, but at this point, we count on your support and on you being our voice.  Corporations that support us show their support by placing the ONE GOD SYMBOL either on their packaging or service material that they provide. 

Using this symbol and joining our organization is absolutely free to them.  That means that you will not have to pay extra for supporting a cause you believe in.  We only require that they participate in honest business practices at all levels of their organization.  Why should we supervise or micromanage their business?  The meaning behind the ONE GOD SYMBOL is something that we, you and they believe in and are truly committed to follow in the spirit.

Next time you are looking for a consumer goods or services, make sure to support those that contribute to a cause that you believe in.  Look for the ONE GOD SYMBOL on the products or service material to help spread the message.  Be a voice, be part of a positive change, be part of a unifying humanity.

These logos will links you to companies, groups and organizations that support and are part of the ONE GOD SOCIETY...